Chairman’s Message








We have been operating in the shipping industry as shipping representatives and protecting agents for several well reputed ship owners since 2012, by contributing in Bangladesh maritime industry. I strongly believe that, through our skilled and experienced human resources, we can keep growing in the shipping industry.

Diversifying from our Shipping Agency to Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Trading, I would like to take this opportunity to say with a sense of pride that our company’s performance during the year gone by, despite being fraught with unprecedented challenges is no doubt creditable considering the unfavourable global economic scenario that we were pitched into.

It would be unfair if I don’t acknowledge and appreciate the untiring effort put in by our core group consisting of the Directors, Key Management Personnel, Senior Executives, Managers and also every employee who painstakingly played their roles with precision and brevity, true to the expectation. The whole team worked as a well knit strand with great effort amidst uncertainties and enormous challenges to ensure due accomplishment of Argo’s business plan.

I also gratefully acknowledge the numerous supports extended by our Bankers, Vendors and Clients and the trust reposed that helped in no small measure not only to achieve our goal, but also to take forward our expansion programme that we aim to achieve.

As we continue to build Argo to meet our own expectations and live up to our name – to have the agility to meet market challenges – let’s make certain that integrity and honest dealing are always central to how we conduct business.