Project Logistics

The field of project cargo shipping work requires high customer service levels and an obsessive attention to detail. We are equipped with man and machines needed for heavy transportation shipments and oversized loads alike. With a variety of intermodal service options, we have the expertise, experience, infrastructure and personnel to handle anything you need shipped, trucked or flown onshore or offshore. We specialize in oversized cargo, mainly camp modules and drill rigs, to support our oil field customers.

Oil and gas projects can be challenging, and we understand the serious nature of handling oil and hazardous substances safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Relying heavily on local and global infrastructure, our project cargo management and international logistic teams execute project cargo movements by intelligently coordinating resources and orchestrating the timing of movement. We analyze feasibility and possible options, as well as to take on any challenges in the tradition of our reliable performance.

We offer project logistics to infrastructure building and development work projects of the country.This service ranges from handling of ships and all port formalities, clearing and forwarding of project materials at the Customs entry points, and finally transportation of all types of project materials by road, railway and waterway.

Features of our project cargo shipping services:

Disseminating information on new projects
Assistance in planning and cost-effective operations
Project cargo management
Efficient handling
Client and on-site coordination
Status updates

Our project cargo forwarding expertise includes:

Out of Gauge
Break Bulk
Abnormal Loads
Heavy Lift
Oversized Loads and special requirements
such as high priority jobs

Heavy Lift

ArgoSSL’s strong presence in the project cargo sector leads to no exception when it comes to heavy lift. Through our extensive knowledge and global network of shipping agents, ArgoSSL provides specialised freight transportation of heavy weight and over-sized cargo. In short we ship anything to any place in the world.

When dealing with Heavy Lift projects & heavy transportation the major concern is safety – of the cargo and of course the people and workers involved in the shipment. Our experienced team of project managers is able to call upon the expertise of the best local freight professionals wherever the cargo is located in the world.

The company often uses strong negotiating positions with the major shipping lines to secure space for unusual size or weight items on container vessels, keeping costs lower. Wherever this is not possible the company is able to call upon its links to conventional and geared vessel operators to find the best rate, service and routing for the cargo.

Heavy Lift specialities:

Oil & gas industry – Reactors, columns, drums, turbines, compressors &modules.

Power industry – RTurbines, windmills, generators, engines & transformers.

Floating cargoes – Yachts, ferries, barges, dredgers, tugs, patrol boats & buoys.

Rolling stock – Locomotives & railway wagons.

Cargo handling equipment – Container cranes, ship loaders and gantry cranes.

Offshore equipment – Rigs, buoyancy tanks, reels, carousels, modules, riser columns and j-lay towers etc.

As a Freight & Project Forwarder ArgoSSL has a wide range of project cargo services for cargo of any size.

Out of Gauge

Over the years the company and its allies is present in all the major project cargo hubs of the world but it is the ability to serve some of the world’s unreachable destinations that sets ArgoSSL apart from other International Shipping Agents & Project Forwarders.

The company has relationships with local depots in or near most major ports, and offers professional packing, securing and stripping services to our Out of Gauge customers. Only the highest quality cargo equipment and lashing methods are employed. This provides customers with greater flexibility as specialist freight equipment is more readily available closer to the port. Inland haulages at destination can be carried out more efficiently when the freight containers are stripped at the port before being loaded on conventional trucks.

Our projects team pays attention to every stage of the shipment. They ensure the goods are
delivered to the buyer’s door using only the most efficient, secure and professional methods.